Fabrication Services

Paris Mild Steel

Fully established mild steel fabrication facilities and services, providing all aspects of mild steel manufacturing, assembly and installation, both structural and non-structural production.
With a standard weekly capacity of 80 – 90 tons we have the flexibility and capability of incorporating most mild steel fabrication requirements.

Paris Stainless Steel

Dedicated workshop and fabrication facilities with professionally trained stainless-steel welders and fabricators. Catering for all forms of structural stainless steel, through to worktop fabrications and platforms.

  • Stairs and balustrades
  • Grilles & hoppers
  • Brackets & End Pates
  • Worktops & Splash Backs
  • Tanks and containers
Paris Aluminium

Alongside our mild steelwork fabrication operates a dedicated aluminium workshop, specialised in the fabrication of aluminium framed structures, beams and units. A wide variety of stoke is specially held separately on site, allowing us to provide rapid and flexible fabrications. From fully fabricated welded structures to one off lattice beams and trusses, we’ve got it covered.

Paris Sheet Metal

With a dedicated and comprehensive sheet metal production facility, operating full CNC brake presses, punching and CNC milling machinery, together with onsite Powder Coating, we have the capabilities to fabricate to most customer requirements.
Geared up for large scale production and operating in shift patterns, allows us to scale up production for rapid project deliveries. Specialists in Multi-Port Pod Boxes and Server Racking.

Paris Powder Coating

With in-house Powder Coating (PPC) facilities for both our sheet metal production and at our mild steel fabrication facilities, that is capable of catering for cut lengths and section sizes of between 1m – 10m, Cally Steelworks is adept at delivering a full range of turnkey solutions.
Having PPC booths in-house not only reduces our delivery times, by limiting unnecessary transport between sites, but it also costs.

Paris Laser Cutting

With access to the latest advancements in laser cutting technology, Cally Steelworks can provide precision engineered parts, components and finished structures to meet most customer requirements.
Cutting flat bar, angel, tubes and sheet metal allows to us deliver superior results to clients, ensuring our fabrications are amongst the most accurate and best finished which the industry has to offer.